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Captain of the first rank
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Animal Shows in France

In France, attention is paid to all animals – and to those without which agriculture does not do, and to cute pets. In France, there are no stray dogs. This was avoided with the help of special chips, the presence of which is mandatory for all pets in France and is controlled at the state level. Dogs and cats that have lost their owners enter shelters and often find them again. A dozen exhibitions of dogs, cats, exotic animals are held annually in the country.

International Aviation Broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is ready at any time to provide for a comfortable flight a private jet, which at any moment delivers four-legged passengers to participate in an exhibition in France or in any other country on the globe.

Dog shows

The first dog show in France was held in 1863 in the Botanical Garden of Paris. The organizers and judges were Jockey Club, and the exhibition was financed by Baron Rothschild himself. Since then, France annually began to hold dog shows, and over time other cities in the country joined Paris.

In February, the International Exhibition in Bourges – Exposition Canine Internationale Toutes Races.
At the same time, the city of Troyes is holding a municipal dog show Salon Canin.
The International Dog Show Exposition Canine Internationale takes place every 12 months in Orleans.
In November, the annual dog show is held – Salon du Chiot in Lemoje and an international class event in Marseille.
In April, it is worth visiting the local dog show in Montpellier, and in December – the international dog show in Nantes and Rouen.
A high level of visitors celebrate the summer dog show in Dijon. In 2018, it took place for the 140th time. As part of the exhibition, dogs are awarded in several nominations. The event is always bright, beautiful, bringing pleasure to animal lovers.
The exhibition of elite rocks brings together thousands of guests from around the world in Monaco at the International Salon Chapiteau de Fontvieille, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017. The main award of the exhibition – the Champion of Monaco – marks the participants on the purity of the breed and beauty. A VIP jet tour to the venue will allow you to see the beauty of the Principality from a bird’s eye view.
In addition, AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) invites you to visit an interesting event on the beach of Vieux Bucaux. There, dogs temporarily become surfers and get medals for better skating.

Cat shows

Salon International du Chat in Orleans (November);
Salon International du Chat on Tour (February);
Salon International du Chat in Paris (December);
Salon International du Chat on Tour (February).
Lawyers of the company Cofrance SARL (“Kofrans SARL”) will insure your pet against various unpleasant situations while traveling to France for the exhibition. In order to make the trip enjoyable in all respects, you can rent an air ambulance plane from AVIAV TM with a veterinarian accompanying your pet.

There are also specialized exhibitions of kittens and puppies, where you can choose a pet and get all the necessary accessories for its upbringing and maintenance.

Similar exhibitions are held in Montlucon and Brest. The specific dates of the event will be reported by the managers of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) when ordering an aircraft for the flight to the venue of the event.

Shows other animals

The international exhibition of horses, as well as donkeys and ponies is organized annually in Dijon. During the Salon, workshops for horse training and their proper upbringing are held. Children take part in fun contests with cute donkeys, ride cute ponies.

A private plane from AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will deliver all connoisseurs of birds to the exhibition of rare birds in Colmar, which takes place in October. The beautiful city of Alsace deserves a thorough inspection. Its architecture is different from classical French and clearly has German influence. The exhibition of exotic birds gathers hundreds of guests from all over the world to admire the bright noisy spectacle.

According to the dictates of time, exhibitions of mechanical animals regularly take place in the Paris Palace of Inventions and Discoveries. One of the first guests was Salon Thirst of the Dinosaurs, where huge robots in the form of extinct prehistoric predators pleased numerous visitors, children and adults.

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