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Exhibition of rare stones in Monaco

The World Institute of Minerals holds an exhibition of stones at the Grimaldi Forum of the Principality of Monaco. It was organized by a collector, for whom stones became the main passion in life, the charismatic Jean-Michel Leveque. In addition to the stones at the exhibition you can see marine fossils, rare butterflies. On the eve of holidays, the guests of the exhibition were given the opportunity to buy original Christmas and New Year gifts for their loved ones.

World Exhibition of Miracles
Connoisseurs and experts from around the world presented exhibits from private rarities collections at the exhibition: from Belgium, Pakistan, Germany, Monaco, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Morocco, Madagascar. They showed the public true wonders – colorful minerals, amazingly beautiful gems, shells, mountain crystals, jewelry.

The halls of the Grimaldi Forum have become a place of travel in the past, on our planet and space: you can see the oldest instruments and weapons, space meteorites, arrows and axes of the Stone Age. Guests of the exhibition can see frightening centipede stones from Morocco, rare intergrown formations of crystals brought from Brazil, dinosaur bones found in Western Sahara. There was a place on exhibition racks and rare stones from African countries, exquisite pieces of art from India: statuettes carved from minerals and polished spheres carved out of stone.

Exhibits from space
The exhibition has a collection of meteorites. According to one of the organizers, the most surprising among the rarest cosmic stones was a meteorite from Russia, which is much older than the Earth – it is about five billion years old. He could easily enter the asteroid belt of Mars or Jupiter in the era of the formation of the solar system.

This unique exhibit by value relates to meteorites, which are stored in the Paris Museum of Natural History. Such stones are extremely rare, and this affects their price. Presented at the exhibition in Monaco, a meteorite weighing 3-4 kg is worth tens of millions of euros.

Marine Fossils at the exhibition
Great interest of visitors is caused by fossil seas, which have become amazing objects of art. The exposition includes rare objects that are 500 million years old, among them are reptile and dinosaur bones. Large ammonites – cephalopod mollusks, “relatives” of squids, octopuses, and cuttlefish, which have disappeared in the course of evolution, attract special attention of the exhibition visitors. The most outlandish ammonite of the collection, similar to rare opals, was brought from Canada.

The exhibition, declared as a demonstration of rare stones, offers a hall with a collection of rare butterflies. Such a neighborhood is not accidental. Everything unusual for connoisseurs is of extreme interest. For them, a rare meteorite and a rare butterfly are equally valuable. The most unique specimen in the butterfly collection is the butterfly with genetic mutation: it is bisexual. It turns out that nature not only among people unites the female and male bodies into one body. Catching and preserving such a wonder is like a miracle.

There are a lot of butterflies in the collection with bright blue wings. According to experts, of all shades of blue, this is the cleanest. The reason for the unusual color – in the optical coloring. The flakes of wings are transparent, the rays of light as they pass through them are reflected from their surfaces and create the effect of blue color of high purity.

Who buys submitted exhibits
The exhibition in Monaco is of particular importance for collectors of exotic. At any of the most unusual exhibit is a connoisseur. Despite the fabulous cost of such rare items, they lined up a line of VIP-collectors and large specialized institutions wishing to replenish their collections with them. However, the names of the collectors of unique rarities were not disclosed.

There are such collectors in Monaco. Rare objects of art from the funds of the World Institute of Minerals can be seen when visiting private banks, the Yacht Club and other iconic institutions of the Principality. Particles of rare meteorites can be seen on the dials of very expensive wristwatches.

The exhibition of mineral stones, other rare and exotic things is so extensive that it is difficult to see it all in one visit. Christmas and New Year holidays are the best time to visit the Grimaldi Forum. However, the exhibition will be open after the winter holidays.

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