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Saint-Tropez: a resort renowned for the movies

What do we know about Saint-Tropez? Of course, that this is an expensive, beautiful and fashionable resort on the Mediterranean coast, located on the French Riviera. What else? Perhaps someone will remember the legendary and very funny film “The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez” in the title role with Louis de Funes – and that’s probably all.In fact, Saint-Tropez is a commune with a rich history and an interesting and vibrant present, a city in which several films were shot. Saint-Tropez got its name in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Tropez, or Trofim, who was executed under Emperor Nero as a rebellious Christian. Subsequently, Saint-Tropez, attractive to many for its remarkable geographical location, was first part of the pirate emirate, and then the county of Provence and private ownership of the noble Greeno family.

At the end of the 19th century, French artists (Signac, Matisse, Bonnard) began to settle in a picturesque town on the seashore, which gave the place noticeable bohemianism, subsequently increased by the visits of the famous Coco Chanel. And yet, despite the love of the town of the domestic elite, until the middle of the last century, he remained a small village of fishermen, exactly until the moment when French films began to be actively filmed with the participation of popular actors.


The first film, shot in Saint-Tropez in 1956, was the film directed by Roger Vadim “And God Made a Woman” with Brigitte Bardot in the lead role.

In 1964, on the picturesque Mediterranean shore, Jean Giraud shot another film of a completely different genre, the first of six comedy films about the Gendarme of Kryusho. Beautiful Genevieve Grad, who played the role of the daughter of the unlucky Kryusho, beautiful landscapes, the life of the seaside city and the French elite in it attracted crowds of holidaymakers to Saint-Trail, in effect, instantly turning it into a fashionable resort.

At the same time, a film is being shot in Saint-Tropez, little-known to the Russian audience, but worthy to add to the lists of pictures taken here: “The Collector”.

Two years later, Jacques Deray’s “Pool” was released on French screens, which was also filmed in Saint-Tropez. The magnificent Alain Delon and the equally luxurious Roni Schneider, who successfully starred in this fascinating detective story, in which Michelle Legrand’s amazing music sounds, brought success not only to the picture itself, but also to the prosperous resort in those years.

In 1980, one more film masterpiece by Gerard Urie – “An U-Umbrella” with Pierre Richard was added to the list of the most popular films shot in Saint-Tropez.

1983 contributes to the local filmography – the French-German film with the elements of eroticism “Summer in Saint-Tropez” comes out on screens.

Twelve years later, the Italians make a comedic film with the uncomplicated name of Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez (directed by Franco Castellano). The plot is based on a funny story about several very different people in the city.

The beginning of the XXI century has not interrupted the cycle of filming in Saint-Tropez. In 2002, viewers watched a new picture of a joint French-American production, the filming of which took place in the picturesque places of the resort town, the gunman “Carrier”.

In 2008, director Philippe Harell completed work on the new film Vacations in Saint-Tropez (now the pictures no longer make the resort popular, but it creates advertising for them!), In which young French actors Karin Viard and Geraldine Payet played. The comedic plot is rather primitive, but the dynamically developing events and the charm of the heroines draw the attention of the audience throughout the entire film.

So, gentle melodrama, funny farce, psychological detective, crime comedy, thriller brought Saint-Tropez an unprecedented success, turning a quiet and quiet place on the coast into a noisy elite Mediterranean resort with a rich nightlife, luxury hotels and trendy restaurants.

Saint-Tropez in the XXI century

Tourism is what lives today a former fishing village, attractive for its golden beaches and pine groves, numerous entertainment facilities and restaurants, night bars and cabarets, the opportunity to practice yachting and diving. The Navy Museum, Bridget Bardot Boutique, Butterfly House, Luna Park, branded jewelry stores of famous world manufacturers, traditional autumn sales of clothing from famous French designers and, of course, amazingly beautiful sailing regattas will not let the most sophisticated tourists get bored. As in the good old days, in Saint-Tropez, at the height of the tourist season, quite a few world celebrities of the film and fashion industry come together, which will surely please fans of secular parties.

The company Cofrans SARL offers author themed excursions on private helicopters and yachts, during which you can feel yourself in the heart of the high life of the fashionable resort of Saint-Tropez, admire the famous landscapes.

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