Pastoral magic
For historians and archaeologists French region of Languedoc-Roussillon seems the promised land: here the oldest in Europe, parking homo erectus was discovered (Homo erectus), here for two millennia oksitantsy Languedoc…

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Saint-Tropez: a resort renowned for the movies
What do we know about Saint-Tropez? Of course, that this is an expensive, beautiful and fashionable resort on the Mediterranean coast, located on the French Riviera. What else? Perhaps someone…

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Temptation by paris
You should not go to Paris for the Eiffel Tower, complete with the Champs Elysees. No, you should go there for the atmosphere. Do not ask to explain why -…

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France sports

The French, quite gambling and purposeful in nature, became the founders of many sports in Europe. It was in France at the end of the 19th century that the National Olympic Committee came into being under the leadership of the local nobleman Pierre Coubertin, who revived the ancient Olympiad in its new capacity under the unofficial motto: “Sport instead of war!”. Over the XX and XXI centuries, five Olympic Games took place in France – two Summer and three Winter.

In 2005, a new sports code was created in France, including the legislative and regulatory parts. The changes made to the code most of all concerned a new sector of sports – outdoor activities, including gyms, resort water sports, acrobatic parks, horseback riding in the mountains, paintball, golf.

Sports Museum

The National Museum of Sport of France, numbering fifty-five years of existence, was founded by mountaineer Maurice Herzog. Located in Paris, the sports museum is somewhat lost against the background of numerous cultural institutions of the capital, but it is worthy of attention even with such a huge choice. All sports fans will be interested to look at a huge collection of special inventory items, themed paintings and sculptures, learn unique facts from the history of France, as well as acquire an original souvenir.

From drafts to golf

In each country there are traditional and later sports borrowed sports. The traditional French games include:

Stocklet checkers, according to legend, invented by one of the courtiers of Philip II, the French king;
French billiards cannon with chips, still very popular in gaming establishments of the Cote d’Azur;
street game of pétanque, to participate in which the easiest way is on the Parisian Grevskaya Square and the Promenade des Anglais in Nice;
– cycling, the competition for which two-kilometer distance for the first time took place in 1868 in St. Claude’s Park, and in 1900 the International Federation of Cycling was founded. Currently, the most prestigious world cycling race “Tour de France”, which has the unofficial name “Big Loop” on the merry hands of merry French, annually pleases viewers for three weeks in July.

Borrowed, but long ago become national sports of France:

rugby with a wonderful National Center in Linas-Marcoussis, hoisted in 2007, during the Rugby World Cup in France, a soccer ball on the Eiffel Tower, with three symbolic player nicknames (“roosters”, “tricolor” and “blue”), with the International Championship in France planned for 2023;
hockey, which came from Canada, but first played in Europe on a French rink in 1894 and gave birth to the Magnus League;
golf, numbering in France 530 fields, each surrounded by green lawns and trees, which are more part of the magical landscape than sports facilities;
football, first tested by the French in Bordeaux in 1881, immediately won their love and became professional in 1930.
XXI century sports

In recent years, while preserving many traditional sports in France, areas that promote tourism and outdoor activities have become popular: diving and surfing, rafting and paraselling, horse riding and yachting, hang gliding and paintball. The number of sports clubs that work with tourists is increasing, for example, the camp in Rambouillet near Paris offers its services for equestrian sports, and in the Great Palace in March 2018, after a long break, the Saut Hermes equestrian competitions took place.

One of the most prestigious sports destinations in France is alpine skiing. The world-class resorts of Chamonix and Courchevel, La Plana and Val Thorens all the conditions for fans of this sport.

Football does not lose its high status – in 2016, at the World Championships, the French reached the final, in 2018 the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation promised each player who won the championship 400 thousand euros from the FIFA prize pool. And, to the great joy of all the French, these promises were an excellent motivation, and the excellent game of the team provided them with a brilliant victory and the title of the reigning world champions in 2018.

In France over the past decade, the demand for the profession of a manager from physical education has increased. Where can a Frenchman and a foreigner get a higher sports education? In the Higher Schools of Nantes and Marseilles, where future coaches and sports organizers are trained in several faculties.

You can visit any sporting events, become a member of a sailing regatta or play golf in a picturesque province with the company Cofrans SARL, the Russian-speaking staff of which organize everything at the highest level, find the best guide-attendant in France, develop a thematic sports tour of the country.

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