The many faces of Provence
Contrary to popular expression, when you see Paris, you should not hurry to leave this world - if only because it still has Provence! It is like a novel, written…

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Records of the French Guinness Book
Many dream of getting into the famous Guinness Book of Records, and some really succeed! We dedicated this material to the French, who thus left their mark on history.Kohl nuts…

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Grape Pastoral Burgundy
To the east of Paris is the historical region of Burgundy, the authentic atmosphere of which has remained unchanged to this day. Among the rivers and valleys, castles rise, and…

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Secrets of the Parisian sky

The first two decades of the twentieth century, the French designers were the leaders in the production of aircraft, the aircraft they created differed not only in a variety of forms, but also in interesting engineering projects, as well as in quantity. The originality of the French aircraft industry was also manifested in the fact that the first factory in 1910 was created by a silk merchant, Armand Deperdussen. The name, consisting of the abbreviation of his name – SPAD, was retained by the next owner, the famous pilot Louis Bleriot, who supplied the new fighters not only in the French Air Force, but also in other European powers, including Russia. In the same year of 1910, a second factory was built, which gave life to the Newport single-seat fighters. The French aviation played a huge role during the Second World War, when historical events divided the country’s air force into an official corps, fighting on the side of the Allies, and Vichy, devoted to the Germans. Throughout the twentieth and in the first decade and a half of the 21st century, French aviation enterprises produced high-quality and at the same time aesthetic design military and civilian aircraft that quickly gained popularity around the world – Aquilon, Mirage, Etandard, Raphael.


The first Frenchwoman to fly into space, it turns out, was the cute Felicita cat, launched under a special program in 1963, and returned safely to Earth. Felicita is the only representative of cats in the world who has been in outer space. But seriously, today there are ten Frenchmen, nine representatives of the stronger sex and one woman who were lucky to fly into space. The first French astronaut was Jean-Loup-Chretien, who set off on a long-distance flight in the summer of 1982. It should be noted that seven people from the entire detachment participated in space flights as part of joint programs with the USSR-Russia, three flew with the Americans.

Aviation concerns

Currently in France there are more than fifty modern enterprises of the aviation industry, which employ more than forty thousand specialists, eleven research and development centers, design bureaus and flight test centers. Most of them are located in the southern region of France – in Aquitaine and small towns of the Cote d’Azur, as well as on the outskirts of Paris. The two largest companies are engaged in the production of aviation equipment and aircraft – Dassault Aviation and Erbas Grup, in their “assortment” there are modern drones, helicopters of various purposes, public aviation aircraft, comfortable business jets, Rafale fighters, and other military equipment.

The European enterprise EADS, with the active participation of France, develops and builds aircraft and aircraft components for the aerospace and defense industries.

Safran Corporation specializes in the development and production of aircraft engines of various modifications.

The French-Italian company ATR produces passenger aircraft under the same name.

Among the EU countries, France occupies a leading position in the aviation industry, actively cooperating with Britain (Concord enterprise) and Germany and constantly taking care of updating the national fleet, both civil and military.

Popular Airshows

In France, several dozens of spectacular air shows are held annually, of which the most famous and popular is Le Berger, which has already held a palm for half a century in such events. Guests gathering from all over the world on the outskirts of Paris admire the demonstration flights of both the already well-known aircraft and the newest aircraft.

Retro airshow with the participation of old flying machines pleases the audience in the vicinity of Paris at the airport Serni-Ferte Ale. The oldest aircraft presented at the salon, turned a hundred years old.

On the coast of the picturesque Arcachon Bay, in the village of Cazaux, where the first in the history of France air base arose, spectacular festivals with the participation of the local national aviation are held on its anniversaries.

Air shows with entertainment programs are arranged by clubs at many airfields in France, they have long been one of the components of the domestic event tourism.

“History of Aviation” in numismatics

In 2014, the commemorative silver collectible coin intended for the state of Burundi depicted the French fighter “Amio 143”, actively participating in the hostilities of World War II, and for the commemorative coins of Togo and Chad the silhouette of the French civilian aircraft “Karavella” was chosen.

In 2018, in France, in the “History of Aviation” series, silver and gold coins with the image of an “Dakota C-47” aircraft were issued.

Most often on the coins of different countries found the image of “Concord” of French-English production – forty-five items in eleven countries of the world. In 2007, the Paris Money Courts placed an image of the largest airliner, the Airbus 380, on a 1.5 euro coin….

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