Alpine France
The western part of the mountain alpine massif passes through the territory of France. The country has 330 km of picturesque mountains and valleys, gorges and meadows. Tourists love to…

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Captain of the first rank
The future captain Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910 in Saint-André-de-Cube-zack, not far from Bordeaux, in the family of a lawyer. The Cousteau family moved a lot from place…

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Learning with passion
Tours with the study of foreign languages ​​are popular among clients of different ages - from parents who buy tours for children in order to facilitate learning a foreign language,…

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Curious facts about France

France is a country about which you can talk endlessly. It seems that life will not be enough to learn it to the end. In this article we have collected a number of interesting facts about this state. We hope that after reading this material you will want to visit this wonderful country.

Hailing from france

Did you know that France is the birthplace of the Statue of Liberty? The country gave it to the United States in 1886, in conjunction with this event to the World Exhibition, as well as the centenary of America’s independence.

Fool’s Day

Interestingly, on April 1, it was first decided in France in the distant 16th century to celebrate the Day of Fool and Laughter. By the way, on April 1 in those times the New Year was celebrated in the country, until Gregory XIII moved it to January 1. However, not all the French were able to restructure and in the old manner celebrated the holiday in spring. Such conservatives were called “April fishes” or otherwise – fools. The April Fool’s most common joke in France is also associated with fish: it hooks on the victim’s clothes with a hook, imperceptibly, so it hangs on the poor fellow’s needles for the fun of everyone around. France do not go to restaurants and do not give each other gifts.

Wine – river

The most famous wine-making state in the world is, of course, France. The wine here is made from time immemorial, when the Romans arrived on the territory of the country. Every local resident considers it his duty to understand the wine. No wonder – only in the Bordeaux region there are over 9,000 varieties of this grape drink! According to statistics, per year France produces about 7,000,000 – 8,000,000,000 bottles of wine. According to the philosopher Rolan Bart, this drink is a national treasure of the French, along with the culture of the country and its cheeses.

Cultural heritage

By the way, about art. It was in France that the beloved by many Gothic and Baroque architecture originated. It is noteworthy that Gothic art was originally called French. The most striking architectural monuments of France in the Gothic style are the Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Tula, the Church of Saint-Wulfran in Abbeville, the Cathedral of Saint-Gatien in Tours, the temple of Saint-Macloo in Rouen. If you want to admire the Gothic monuments of France, book a flight from an international broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). The company’s competence includes chartering business jets, organizing helicopter excursions throughout the country. In addition, with our help, you can call an air taxi and go on a cruise on a yacht.

Energy country

France ranks second in the world and the first in the EU in terms of power generation (the United States is the first). It is noteworthy that according to this indicator, the country even bypasses Germany, Spain and the UK in general.

French pens

Despite the fact that we began to write less and less by hand, the production of ball pens flourishes in France. More stationery is made here than in the whole world.

National flower

Iris is the national flower of France. Until the XII century, the royal heraldry here wore the image of this flower. A curious story of the origin of the flower: they say that he grew up from the tears of a girl who mourned separation from her husband, a sailor. It is also interesting that this flower has a second name – “sea lighthouse”: a long time ago the buds of this flower showed the sailors the way.

England and French

It is noteworthy that French is not only the official language of France, but also … of England! True, he was such from the XI to the XV century.

Highest waterfall

Gavarni is the highest waterfall in the country, whose height is 422 meters. It is located in the Pyrenees, at an altitude of 1,400 m above the sea surface. It is noteworthy that this waterfall is the largest not only in France, but also in the whole of Europe. It is part of a whole system of waterfalls, which includes as many as 12 cascades. Water attraction is located in the middle of the same glacier circus. Here you can admire the snow-covered magnificent cliffs, as well as the majestic Monte Perdido mountain over 3,300 meters high. These places are very beautiful: the mountain is recognized as the most impressive limestone ridge on European territory.

National animal

The national animal in France is the Gallic rooster. Why precisely he? The fact is that in the past the territory of this country was called Gaul and was settled by the Celts. They had a peculiar appearance: they had fiery-red hair, which they styled like cockscombs. That is what the Romans saw them, who called the locals Gauls (in Italian, gallo means rooster). The Celts had a special attitude to this feathery: animals were compared with the sun. It was believed that roosters are able to drive away ghosts and protect them from evil spirits. Today, locals believe that some of the characteristics of character inherent in roosters reflect national traits such as courage and determination, gallantry and temperament.

Bastille Day

This day is considered a key holiday for the French. It is celebrated on July 14, when in 1789 the peasants released the prisoners who were languishing in this impregnable fortress and marked the beginning of the Great Revolution. The holiday is widely celebrated throughout the country, and the festivities begin the day before. Most of all have fun firefighters, for whom the “ball”. In each Paris barracks, discos and concerts are held in the open air, and firefighters on this day often flaunt topless, which delights the gathered ladies. In addition, on the evening of July 13, a magnificent Grand Ball is held in the Tuileries – a grand social event for which all the cream of society gathers.

Long life

The life expectancy of French men is one of the longest in Europe. Unmarried ladies, take note! Delicious to cook and eat. The French are notable cooks whose recipes differ in originality. It is estimated that 2 new cookbooks are published daily in the country. And more than 400 varieties of cheese are produced here: there is plenty to choose from! It is also interesting that, contrary to popular belief, the locals do not like to eat frogs: this delicacy is meant for foreigners. But here truffles adore, and these mushrooms are the most foul-smelling on the planet and at the same time the most expensive. A truffle auction is being held in France – the official cost of mushrooms has not been established. Average prices – 600 euros per 1 kg.

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