Prostitution in french
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Alpine France
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The best beaches of the Cote d'Azur
Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. Holidays on the Cote d'Azur are associated by travelers with beautiful hotels and villas, healthy food and with an…

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The best beaches of the Cote d’Azur

Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. Holidays on the Cote d’Azur are associated by travelers with beautiful hotels and villas, healthy food and with an exclusive beach holiday. From this article you will learn which beaches of the French Riviera are the most attractive for relaxing.

Family holiday in La Seyne-sur-Mer

The beach called Sublett is considered the best beach for family holidays. It is located in the cozy place of La Seyne-sur-Mer, which is a couple of kilometers from Toulon. In addition, it is also one of the most scenic parts of the coast.

The length of the beach – more than a kilometer. The coast has been landscaped: a wonderful playground is open here, picnic space is set aside. In the park near the sea you can have a wonderful dinner. Athletes will love the compact stadium where you can play volleyball.

It is pleasant to walk along the village itself, built in the post-war period according to the project of Fernand Puyon. Here you will find attractions such as the modern drawbridge and the elegant church of 1674, where people have long prayed for sailors.

You can get to the beach on a yacht rented from the EU’s largest Russian-speaking broker ScanMarine TM (Cofrance SARL). Our experts will select the best sea vessel for you: in our database there are both compact boats and fashionable mega-yachts. You can rent a ship for a suitable period of time and take a cruise in any direction.

Communication with nature in Bormes-les-Mimosas

In this cozy town there are 3 wonderful beaches at once – Estanol, Pellegrin and Cabasson. Century pines approach the sea here, thanks to which the local air becomes similar to Seychelles.

Sandy beaches are located in a cozy crescent-shaped lagoon. Log into the sea here is very convenient, gradual. There is almost no wind, which makes this place ideal for families with children.

Near the beaches is paid parking. Nearby there is a private restaurant owned by the Krushe family, where they serve wonderful dishes on the grill. In the evenings in the bay Kustelett held musical evenings.

In the town itself, you can stroll through the historic center, admire the sunny yellow mimosa, look into the church of St. Trofim of the XVIII century and the chapel of St. Francois de Paul of the XVI century. In addition, tourists are interested in the ruins of an ancient castle, which you can admire from afar. By the way, they are located on the peak point of Borme, offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Interesting vacation in Saint-Raphael

In the town of Saint-Raphael there is a wonderful Long Beach. It is a mistake to think that it is very long: the length of the recreation area is only 150 meters. However, it is very nice to rest here: the coast is covered with fine gravel, near the sea is one of the brightest attractions of the resort – Villa Belle Epoque.

It is interesting to take a short walk along the sea and get to Tiki Bay, where there is an excellent restaurant. By the way, you can also get here not by bicycle – for the lovers of two-wheeled transport a separate path is allocated.

In Saint-Raphael, we recommend you to see such sights as the Old Town, where the ruins of the 12th century aqueduct are located, the Museum of Underwater Archeology, which exhibits ancient amphorae and anchors discovered during dives, as well as the Temple of Notre-Dame de la Victory XIX century.

Solitude in Ramatuelle

Exale is perhaps one of the most secluded and picturesque beaches in the Pampelonon region, which is perfect for relaxing lovers.

Here you can relax wonderfully in a neat cove and immerse yourself in an atmosphere reminiscent of Brittany.

Local landscapes are charming, especially in the mornings, when the sun gently illuminates the pinkish rocks and azure smooth surface of the sea.

Escale beach is landscaped: there is a parking lot, there is a small cafe, showers and a toilet.

After resting on the beach, head for a walk around the town, where you will find many old authentic houses and a completely charming atmosphere of the French province.

Unique holiday in Grimaud

Relax in Grimaud on the beach Sigal – it means that you practically go to the theater stage amidst amazing scenery. Here you can take a picture with an old lighthouse, show off on a wooden bridge located on the pier, and just enjoy your time on the coast.

True, there are no restaurants and a parking lot next to Seagal. That is why if you are hungry, head to the city.

Grimaud called the French Venice. This is a port city, where instead of streets there are picturesque canals. Admire the neoprian-style houses, take a boat tour of the city, and dine in the resort’s best restaurants, La Table de Didier or La Vague d’Or, with a view of the sea.

Pay attention to the sights of Grimaud – an ancient castle located on a hill, the church of St. Michel and, of course, a luxurious port.

Relaxing on the sand in Sanary

In the town of Sanary-sur-Mer, which is called paradise for pensioners, there is a wonderful beach Portissol.

Here you can rent a deck chair for 10 euros and enjoy your vacation on a neat sandy beach. This is the best place for those who like to laze around.

When you get tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can dine at a local restaurant. And if you do not want to leave Sanary, at your service – rest in a beach cottage overlooking the sea.

In the city itself you can explore the local port, the tower erected in the XIII century, the chapel of Notre-Dame de Pitie and the church of Nant-Nazaire of the XIX century.

Elite Relax in Cannes

In brilliant Cannes there is a VIP-beach Martin, owned by the hotel of the same name, operating since 1930.

Here you will be offered exclusive services: a beautifully designed chaise longue, freshly squeezed juices, ice cream and ice tea. It is in this place that you understand what a beautiful life is.

Once in Cannes, do not forget to look at the Picasso Museum, explore the Palace of Festivals and Congresses, and go on a yacht from ScanMarine TM (Cofrance SARL) for a trip to the Lerinsky Islands.

On the advice of Guy de Maupassant

Finally, English Beach, located in the Agay Bay, is noteworthy. It is noteworthy that the famous writer Maupassant called it the most beautiful on the Cote d’Azur.

Indeed, the local landscapes are fascinating: the rocks here are fiery-red in color and descend to the sea itself. Under the feet of the rest – small red pebbles. Swimming in the bay is a real pleasure: the water here is very clean, and the entrance to the sea is gentle and pleasant.

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