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Top best restaurants of the Côte d’Azur for true gourmets

Once on the Riviera, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting local restaurants – the gastronomy of the Côte d’Azur deserves praise. There are places for every taste – both elite with Michelin stars, and modest cozy taverns with a homely atmosphere.

In this article we will talk about 5 restaurants, in which you can not go if you consider yourself a connoisseur of delicious and extraordinary dishes.

L’Element: original high-class dishes
Restaurant L’Element, in the first place, impresses with its location: some 10 minutes from the Promenade des Anglais – and here you are in the picturesque Bele hills covered with vineyards, where this establishment is located.

It is best to take a table on a huge terrace of 550 square meters. m, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. All this, I confess, whets the appetite!

In the kitchen of this new restaurant, which opened only in 2017, the talented chef Laurent Godano is “conjuring”. He does not like to talk about himself – he trusts this mission to his own dishes.

There is no shortage of food at the establishment: you can order spelled risotto with the addition of pomegranate or fried cod in saffron juice – in any case, the treat will be a masterpiece.

A special feature of Godano’s Mediterranean dishes is that they all have Asian notes. If you like Oriental cuisine, be sure to try the L’Element’s exclusive chef’s tanaki dish — pickled tuna marinated in soy sauce with the addition of French truffles and various vegetables.

Truffle is a frequent ingredient in Godano’s dishes, as are lobsters with scallops. The restaurant pays special attention to seasonal products. The decoration of the menu can be called a salted sea wolf and dessert “Grand Marnier”, the recipe of which Laurent keeps secret.

Connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol will like local wines, for example, the famous Bellet wine.

In the restaurant you can not only eat well, but also listen to DJ sets and dance. On weekends, musicians perform live here.

Lunch at the restaurant is traditionally served from 12–14 o’clock, guests are invited for dinner from 19:30 to 22:30. The music program continues until the night – the restaurant closes at 2 o’clock only. If you are looking for a suitable place to hold a holiday, note the L’Element.

Do not worry about parking: next to the institution there is ample parking.

Restaurant Address: 407 Rue de Bellet, Nice. Telephone: 09 53 79 95 51, 07 67 47 05 21

Vogue d’Asie: for lovers in Asia
If you like Asian cuisine, but do not want to eat in eateries of dubious quality, go to the Vogue d’Asie restaurant – it will definitely not disappoint you!

The establishment is located in the heart of Nice. The restaurant is very popular both among the French and among guests from Russia.

What is local cuisine? This is a talented fusion of classic Asian dishes in a modern spirit. The menu is based on long-familiar sushi, but cooked in a special modernist style exclusively from fresh ingredients.

Facility’s hit is shrimps in coconut sauce, cooked in Thai, always with curry, as well as Gambas shrimps and spicy fried perch. As a dessert, the restaurant offers a delicacy “Sakura and Mango”, it is delicious so that you will lick your fingers!

Excellent food is not the only reason to visit a restaurant: live music is played here every day or a DJ works, and the fun lasts until late at night.

Vogue d’Asie is very fond of all kinds of holidays: for example, they organize grandiose festivities for the New Year with traditional Russian cuisine salad and herring under a fur coat.

By the way, the names of the dishes in the menu are written and in Russian – guests from Russia are always welcome here.

Restaurant Address: 10 Rue Alphonse Karr, Nice. Contact phone: +33 (0) 4 93 92 15 08.

Le Restaurant des Rois: royal luxury
Old classic and even a bit pompous restaurant, open at the Hotel La Reserve de Beaulieu. The institution has been operating since 1880 and, of course, managed to deserve a Michelin star.

As the critic correctly noted, this is truly a royal restaurant: this status is emphasized by the brilliant interior of the restaurant in the palace style, as well as sumptuous Mediterranean dishes: Larzac pig or blue lobster, sorbet, chestnut-covered glazed or delicious figs with pine grains for dessert. An excellent company of these dishes will be a noble wine: in the cellars of the restaurant – about 250 varieties of grape drink.

In low season, the restaurant is open only in the evenings.

Address: 5 Boulevard du General Leclere, Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Telephone: + 33 (0) 4 93 01 00 01.

La Chateau Eza: for knights and beautiful ladies
For lovers of antiquity, this restaurant will certainly appeal to you, because it is located in an authentic castle 400 meters above the sea. Perhaps this is the best place for a romantic meeting.

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