The many faces of Provence
Contrary to popular expression, when you see Paris, you should not hurry to leave this world - if only because it still has Provence! It is like a novel, written…

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Do not fall prey to translation difficulties
Do you know this picture: you are on holiday abroad, trying to explain to a local resident about a vital matter for you - for example, how many more kilometers…

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Contemporary Art Museums in France
For the past several years, France has successfully retained the status of the number one tourist destination worldwide, with millions of travelers coming here every year. If you want to…

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Records of the French Guinness Book

Many dream of getting into the famous Guinness Book of Records, and some really succeed! We dedicated this material to the French, who thus left their mark on history.Kohl nuts … bootyFrenchman Michel Levilen hit the Book of Records for a very unusual achievement: in just 60 seconds he managed to split his booty 58 nuts! The record was set in the capital of France. In this ability, he bypassed the achievement of the Japanese Tomoharu Shoji, who managed to “deal” with 43 nuts. True, whether such skills are necessary in ordinary life is a big question.

Swim across the ocean

The Frenchman Benoit Lekomt has not yet entered the Book, but it is possible that his record will soon shake the whole world: at the age of 51, the daredevil decided to cross the Pacific Ocean by swimming.

The journey began in Japan on June 5th. A man has to overcome 8,800 km in six months. At best, he will be able to do it in 8 months if there are any difficulties.

It is interesting that the Frenchman is not only striving to become a record holder: he is confident that his act will benefit mankind, because scientists who study sea creatures and the aquatic environment accompany the man on the way.

It is curious that in 1998 Lekomt already set a similar record: he managed to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, breaking the order of 6,000 km by swimming. It took the athlete 73 days. The funds received from the swim, the man spent on the fight against cancer.

106 year old cyclist

Frenchman Robert Marchand is 106 years old, but he confesses that he simply feels like a “hundred-year-old guy.” A man involved in cycling. At the age of 105, he entered the Book of Records. His achievement is to overcome 22.5 km in the one-hour track in the age category over 105 years.

Interestingly, the growth of the active grandfather is 152 cm. He is in excellent physical shape due to daily exercise, which allows to keep the joints active, and proper nutrition (the Frenchman eats fruits and vegetables, and his diet includes meat, albeit in small quantities). Robert limits his coffee intake and drinks pure water with honey, which is a dope for him.

Catcher in China

Pablo Signoret does not seem to know what fear is: he managed to get into the Book of Records for a unique achievement – the Frenchman walked along a rope stretched extremely weakly between the mountains, over the Shi Meng Yuan valley in China. About 30 minutes a man kept the most complex balance. Repeat record tightrope walker until nobody succeeded.

Longest cue

Florian Kohler, a billiard player from France, managed to cope with the longest cue in the world: he scored 8 balls with a tool that is 537 cm long.

It is also interesting that this is not the first achievement of a man associated with the game of billiards. Venom (that’s the player’s nickname) has his memorable show called Trickshots, in which he demonstrates many tricks on green cloth.

Jump from a height

The brave souls from France, Vince Refett and Fred Fegen, jumped from the Burj Khalifa Tower in the UAE, which was a record one. Recall that this building is recognized as the highest on earth: its height is as much as 828 meters.

The record was set as follows. On the steeple that crowns the building, a platform was set up, from where professional basejumpers jumped.

Interestingly, the athletes have long prepared to jump and trained in the Alps, as well as jumping from a helicopter.

When the French landed, they admitted that they would remember this flight forever.

Recall that the French brave souls managed to beat the record jumpers from the Emirates, who jumped from the same tower, but from a height of 672 meters.

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The highest dancer in the world

Ballet dancer from France Fabrice Calmels is the world’s tallest dancer: the artist’s height is 1 meter and 98 cm.

Despite not at all ballet data, Calmels makes a very successful career in the dance field, and also works as a model in the agency IMG Models.

The longest comic

Artists from Lyon created an amazing work – a huge comic book, whose length was 1,625 meters. Black and white masterpiece master put on public display.

The comic is dedicated to a girl named Leia, who sets off on a journey through time – she is transferred to the Ice Age, then to the next 10,000 years.

It is noteworthy that the previous similar record was set by artists from New York who created a canvas 1,200 meters long in 2014.

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