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10-fold increase in fines in private aviation and on water

Russian owners of private jets and helicopters, who were seen in violation of the rules, risk losing a large sum of money. Lawmakers are considering a series of administrative amendments that increase existing fines 10 times.

The measures apply to both individuals and legal entities (including airlines), but the first changes will be affected more. Private owners rarely comply with the regulations, which leads to numerous accidents and victims. For example, in 2017 alone there were about 40 violations, most of which are related to private jets.

Dangerous violations

The most common violation is the transfer of the steering wheel to third parties. This may be the owner of the aircraft, who decided to test himself in the case (by removing the pilot) or a good friend, who asked to “try” the aircraft once. Often, such tests end badly, forcing to apply appropriate solutions.

Equally prevalent is dangerous driving, well known by road. Having barely received a certificate, the newly-minted pilot feels confident and forgets about the basic rules of precaution. At best, it all ends in a hard landing. At worst, the pilot and passengers become news heroes. According to the authors of the amendments, the increased fines should “cool down”. In some situations, the size of state sanctions reaches 50,000 rubles.

Such high amounts are justified by the growing number of violations. Since 2015, their number has almost doubled from 335 to 524. The total amount of fines paid was 42 million rubles. The new sanctions will accordingly increase the figure received by the budget to impressive indicators.

First of all, they are aimed at persons controlling the aircraft or helicopter without permission. Last year alone, 323 people were identified. Given the expensive cost of personal air transport, they are all wealthy individuals, and therefore a fine of 2,000-5,000 rubles is not significant for them. However, his 10-fold increase is unlikely to scare anyone.

Sanctions against violators on the water

Equally categorical will be the measures in relation to the owners of small vessels. Sanctions for improper management will also increase greatly. In addition, violators are much easier to spot on the water, whereas in the air they almost become elusive. Fines will affect the owners of boats, jet skis, yachts and ships. Over the past year, 84 incidents took place only with the participation of large vessels, most of which are caused by human error and negligence.

New sanctions against violators provide for monetary penalties and deprivation of the right to steer the vessel for a certain period. This is especially important for professional market participants, for whom the occupation is the main source of income. The basis for the application of measures will be:

Over speed;
Parking or stopping at prohibited areas;
No side lights;
Malfunction alarms;
Ignore navigation signs.
By analogy with the air transport modes, the punishments are designed to eliminate from management persons without rights. If you identify such a person will pay 10 000 – 15 000 rubles. The tariff will also rise for the vessel’s entry into the water without technical inspection.

The effectiveness of the measures taken will show time. Nevertheless, it is better not to neglect safety rules and use proven services. Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) offers air travel in Russia and Europe, air rides and yacht rentals, representing only the highest quality vessels and qualified personnel.

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10-fold increase in fines in private aviation and on water
Russian owners of private jets and helicopters, who were seen in violation of the rules, risk losing a large sum of money. Lawmakers are considering a series of administrative amendments…


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