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Alpine France

The western part of the mountain alpine massif passes through the territory of France. The country has 330 km of picturesque mountains and valleys, gorges and meadows. Tourists love to come to the French Alps and enjoy the wonderful mountain climate combined with the mass of historical and natural attractions. The best travel option is a flight over the foothills and alpine meadows on a private VIP jet from AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL).


Conventionally, the French Alps are divided into two major parts:

North-French with Mount Blanc as the highest point in Europe (4,810 meters above sea level), as well as with glaciers, highlands, alpine meadows and pine forests.
Southern French on the Mediterranean coast, with a mild climate of Provence and the Maritime Alps on the border with Spain.
The ancient tribes believed that evil beings lived on the tops of the Alps and in the valleys, and only after a vivid description of the Alps by Jean-Jacques Rousseau did this area become popular in France.

Natural features

The brightest – Mount Mont Blanc, which climbed a lot of world celebrities. So, in 1886, young Theodore Roosevelt conquered the Alps during his own honeymoon. In the XXI century, on Mont Blanc, or rather, on some of its peaks, you can get on the lift, but today climbers repeatedly conquer the legendary mountain, demonstrating the wonders of courage and their own sports training.

The mountain village of Avoriaz can also be considered a natural monument of the French Alps. To get to the picturesque village is possible exclusively on the cable car.

National parks of Keira, Vanoise, God, Mercantur attract tourists and stunningly beautiful alpine nature and historical sights.

Keira is miles of wildlife and tiny, original villages;
In Mercanture there is the famous archaeological Valley of Wonders and sparkling waterfalls;
Mouflon and chamois, alpine marmots and ermines roam the territory of Vanoise;
Equestrian excursions are popular in the park of God.
In France, everyone can find leisure in nature according to their own preferences.

Alpine resorts

The famous ski resort Chamonix for the year takes more than one million tourists from around the world. Fashionable hotels, entertainment centers, one of the highest ski lifts in the world are a great addition to ski sports. From December to April, tourists come to the ski resorts of Paradiski, the Three Valleys with the famous Courchevel, Espace Killy, each of which has a great modern infrastructure and ideal opportunities for recreation and sports in the open air. The town of Annecy is a resort of a completely different kind. It is called the Savoy Venice for the abundance of rivers, canals and elegant bridges decorated with flowers. The picturesque city, built in the Middle Ages around the castle, is best viewed from a bird’s-eye view, which becomes quite accessible from the board of a sightseeing private helicopter from AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL).

There are in the French Alps and spa resort. It is located near Chamonix in the town of Saint-Germain, near the old hydropathic. Famous patrons of the Rothschilds many years ago invested substantial funds in the development of this therapeutic resort, in our time also a popular ski resort. Resort Morzine is a godsend for lovers of everything traditional: in the town of Port-du-Soleil, cozy wooden chalets with balconies and fireplaces are preserved.

Tourist routes

In the French Alps, hundreds of routes have been developed, both long and one-day. Having flown in a private plane from AVIAV TM to one of the mountainous regions of France: Chablis, Vercors or Aravi, you can make small, but very exciting walks to the mountains at least every day.

The tourist routes in the French Alps include:

inspection of lakes and waterfalls;
climb the mountain tops;
Alpine meadow walks;
visiting ancient towns and highland villages;
horse and bicycle tours in the foothills;
skiing and snowmobiling.
AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is always ready to provide the best aircraft for a sightseeing flight to the French Alps. By agreement, the company provides a Russian-speaking guide, book a hotel, arrange a transfer.

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