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Grape Pastoral Burgundy

To the east of Paris is the historical region of Burgundy, the authentic atmosphere of which has remained unchanged to this day. Among the rivers and valleys, castles rise, and in the countryside almost all free land is set aside for vineyards. The capital of the region is the city of Dijon, after which the famous mustard is named. Here, as elsewhere in Burgundy, the provincial charm, silence and a sense of comfort are preserved. The area is very picturesque, and the people have a sincere ability to rejoice and hospitality. A thorough acquaintance with France is difficult to imagine without visiting the Burgundian fields. To a large extent, the history of the whole country formed the rivalry of Paris and Dijon. If we draw a direct analogy, they played the same role that in Russia fell to Moscow and Tver. The final accession of the recalcitrant duchy took place after the Hundred Years War, when the last ruler, Charles the Bold, suffered a fatal defeat in the battle of Nancy. For local residents, such an outcome was rather a positive event, putting an end to feudal strife. They were able to focus on economic activities and especially winemaking.

From the past to the present

Since then, the region is famous for its drinks, equally competing with Champagne and Bordeaux. Local wine houses are cordially open to the public, revealing the secrets of production to tourists. Even in Burgundy, excellent cooking snails, representing an unsurpassed snack for wine. Externally, many cities have not changed much since the Renaissance. Modernity reflects only the windows and rare cars that simply have no place on the narrow streets. The already mentioned Dijon remains the largest settlement, although it is not the capital of the province. This honor belongs to the city of Bon, which concurrently serves as the geographical center of Europe. Given the rural nature of the region, it is optimal to choose as a means of moving cars. You can rent it everywhere and best of all in advance. All issues are handled by Cofrance SARL, whose employees:

Detailed advice on any matter;
Will pick up the car according to the declared parameters;
Take on organizational tasks.
The customer will only have to get behind the wheel and go to get acquainted with an amazing region.

Cycling tours are very common in Burgundy. On the roads it is absolutely safe, and the hospitality of the owners of restaurants, eateries and hostels meeting on the way is amazing. Despite the fact that wild animals: wild boars and deer often cross the motorway, emergency incidents have never been recorded.

Open-air museum

Without exaggeration, Burgundy can be called an open-air museum. There are also iconic sights, among which special attention can be paid to:

Cluny Abbey. A monastery founded in the 9th century and for a long time playing a central role in the spiritual life of Burgundy;
Palace of the Dukes in Dijon. The majestic building, whose architecture combines Gothic and Renaissance;
Monument Bulldog in the capital city of Bon. In addition, it is famous for its fancy roofs;
Grape road leading from Dijon to Beaune through plantations where noble berries are grown for local wines. By the way, travelers can enjoy their tasting.
The list can be continued indefinitely, since all settlements were founded at least a few centuries ago, and each carefully preserves its own ancient traditions. The ideal time to visit Burgundy is the period from July to October. It takes time to ripen and harvest grapes. Many travelers from abroad specially come for young wine, stocking up for a whole year. Dijon Airport has international status, but due to the lack of direct flights from Moscow, most of the guests stay in Burgundy via Paris.

The cost of hotels coincides with the prices in the capital, averaging 50 – 70 Euros per night. It is not expensive, given the location of most hotel complexes in palaces and castles.

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